Princess Principal

Title:Princess Principal
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Notables: FURUKI Nozomi
R1 License - Sentai Filmworks (ADV)
Five girls live in 19th century London, a city within the Albion Kingdom divided into east and west by a large wall. The girls serve as undercover spies enrolled as students at the prestigious Queen's Mayfair school. The girls make use of their individual abilities to remain active in the underground world of disguise, espionage, infiltration, and car chases.
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Series premiered on July 9, 2017.
Animated by Studio 3Hz and Actas.
Licensed by Sentai Filmworks.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3365#628]
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Has there ever been an anime with a plot that included magic and which had better than average plot, story, drama, etc? Maybe once upon a time, but I can't think of any examples recently. It seems to me that nowadays magic is seen by the people who create anime in the same way that they see fanservice: if you include it, a good number of people will watch the show whether it is good or not. These people are watching primarily for the magic, because nowadays so many are dissatisfied with their lives and magic is about the only thing that could conceivably turn their lives around. And if that's the case, why waste time and money recruiting talent for a show that will perform satisfactorily without it? Magic is seen as a fantastic shortcut by the anime industry, a cash cow that they will gladly milk until it runs dry. But I have never understood why it holds such an allure for so many. It has gotten to the point that for me the mention of magic in a new show is an immediate strike one against it. The impossible stunts, the magical substance 'Cavorite', the simple character designs (these are usually in pretty much direct proportion to how serious the plot will be), the twisting of history--everything about Princess Principal seemed to cry out that this would not be a realistic, believable tale. History is far more interesting when it steers clear of magic, in my opinion. Before long I said to myself "I don't want to watch this!" and switched it off.

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