Kantai Collection

Title:Kantai Collection
艦隊これくしょん -艦これ- (Japanese)
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Notables: FUJITA Saki
A mysterious fleet known as "Abyssals" appeared from the depths of ocean and attacked randomly. Fleet Girls are the only one who can stand against the Abyssals. Together with Tornado Squadron and others, they set to counterattack. Upon seeing Akagi fought, Fubuki earned admiration towards her and aimed to fight with her.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2997#628]
(One episode watched):

Here's a thoroughly nonsensical show that crosses cute girls with military hardware, sort of like Girls und Panzer. Except that here the hardware is WWII-era Japanese navy ships, rather than tanks. Or at least the names of historic ships are used, since they would be too big to display here. The idea is that some mysterious and evil 'Abyssal Fleet' has taken over the world's oceans, and “the only ones capable of standing against them are chosen girls who possess the souls of warships of ages past”(!). They seem to surfboard into battle and use a wide array of weaponry to sink the Abyssal ships. I could only laugh at the concept, and I think it was supposed to be taken fairly seriously. The thing is, Girls und Panzer had the good sense to develop halfway decent personalities for its characters, while so far the signs are that Kantai Collection will not. Something like half a dozen girls are introduced to us before the first one even develops the slightest smattering of a personality. The premise just seems ridiculous, but this doesn't seem to be primarily a comedy, so I wonder what the idea was. I'm sorry, but this is just too absurd; without interesting characters I cannot believe that I will ever care whether the Abyssal Fleet will be defeated, or what the story behind it is, or what will happen to the girls of the 3rd Destroyer Squadron. Someone needs to tell the people who churn out cheap anime that unless a show has characters which the viewer can identify with, the plot becomes meaningless, which sinks the show as a whole.

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