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R1 License - Discotek
Cybersix is an escapd cybernetic creation of the evil Dr. Von Reichter. Hiding as a male high school teacher, Cybersix fights against the diabolical plans of her creator.
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13-episode TV series that originally aired on Japanese TV from September to December of 1999.
Animated by TMS
Based on an Argentinian comic book series by Carlos Trillo and Carlos Meglia. Animated as a children's adventure series with collaboration between Canadian and Japanese animation studios. Aired on Fox Kids Network in 2000.
Licensed by Discotek with an English-only release.
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While made in mind for Western audiences, Cybersix still technically qualifies as anime since TMS was involved with much of the production to the series. Like many American Saturday morning children shows of the time, Cybersix is mostly an episodic story driven series as an artificial human named Cybersix tries to stop the villainous actions of her creator, Dr. Von Reichter, and his creations. A child clone of the scientist named Jose is responsible for monitoring his "father's" activity within the city of Meridiana, though he isn't much of a serious threat for much of the show's run due to being treated mostly as a sort of comical villain due to his clumsiness, short temper and obsessive gloating whenever he thinks he has things in his favor. Some episodes in the series do provide some fleshing out and development of the major characters in the series, but the show mostly falls into a monster-of-the-week type of plot as various creations of Dr. Von Reichter get sent out to try destroying Cybersix. Also rather disappointingly, the series ends on a cliffhanger as the fates of a couple major characters are left unclear and the show's final episode implied that another season would be coming along, which never surfaced. It looked like the series had some potential in implementing mature storytelling into its story with Cybersix masquerading as a male high school teacher for her secret identity, trying to come to grips with wanting a human relationship and her creator's implied Nazi origins (which are made very clear in its comic book source material). However, being made as a children's series apparently led the series to have a good amount of its subject material toned down, the series being made in the typical episodic storytelling style of many children's programs and poor attempts to implement humor using Jose and his goons to balance out the darker elements to its storyline. Overall, I'm rather indifferent to the series and it seems like a bit of an oddity as the series is based on a comic book series that not very many American or Japanese audiences would be familiar with thanks to its Argentinian origins.

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