Kuroshitsuji II OVAs

Title:Kuroshitsuji II OVAs
Black Butler II OVAs
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Notables: Animation - A1 Pictures
ONO Daisuke
R1 License - FUNimation
The 1st & 4th episodes are Ciel in Wonderland. The 2nd ep Elizabeth invites a mystery woman whom is implied as the viewer as a guest to a ball at the Phantomhive mansion. The 3rd ep is a documentary with behind the scenes interviews with Ciel, Sebastion and the rest of BB2 cast. The 5th ep is The life and times in the Trancy household. The final ep is The story of Will the Reaper.
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A collection of six bonus OVA episodes based on Kuroshitsuji II released from October 27, 2010 to May 25, 2011.
Animated by A-1 Pictures
Licensed by Funimation

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Rent 8 8 8 7 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:2640#1552]
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These OVAs are pretty much just an extra treat for fans of the Kuroshitsuji franchise to check out and vary in terms of quality and entertainment. The Trancy and Will the Reaper episodes provide some additional depth into the mentalities and backgrounds of characters among both those among the Trancy household and the grim reaper pairing of Will and Grell. The Ciel in Wonderland episodes were a bit hit-or-miss for me in how their comedy is delivered with different Black Butler characters portraying characters from the famous children's literary tale. The episode with the mystery woman was kind of flat and perhaps the weakest of the OVAs in this set. The behind the scenes episode was perhaps the comedic highlight for me with the set as the episode literally breaks the fourth wall with characters from the series portraying themselves as actors involved in production of the second season. Beyond all this, not much else to really say. Diehard fans of Black Butler will definitely be tempted to sample these OVAs, while those not as devoted may either only want to sample them once or not at all since only the Trancy and Will the Reaper episodes provide additional depth on characters within the franchise.

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