Sengoku Collection

Title:Sengoku Collection
Parallel World Samurai
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In a timeline different from our own, the generals of the Warring States period, vie for power. But they're the same generals we know in name only: their appearance, personality, and gender are all different. One day, first Oda Nobunaga and then all the others are transported to our world. Everything is new to them - bicycles, cell phones, automatic doors. Each episode focuses on one general and how she learns to adapt to the modern world.
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A Spring 2012 series

26 episodes

"戦国" ("sengoku") = belligerent country, country in civil war
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Watch 6 6 6 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2558#1552]
Sengoku Collection's premise revolves around taking female takes on historical Japanese feudal era figures and whisking them away to the modern era for them to experience our time period and Oda Nobunaga trying to obtain a means of returning to her time period to reign as ruler over all of Japan. Most of the series is divided up into individual stories depicting how each of these characters adapt to the modern era in differing ways, though all the characters seem to have conveniently picked up on how many of our modern conveniences work without experiencing any shock over the large generational gap from their historical periods. In addition, all the girls are designed to be either overly cute, beauties or busty and attractive-looking gals that are dressed in attire that were very likely not worn during their time period and are usually put into the usual scenarios that milk fan service off them like bathing scenes, prominent shots of their assets and clothes changing scenes. At this point, it's rather obvious that this is otaku bait, especially when I found out this is based on a Japan-only social networking game. Many of the stories in this series milk the typical tropes employed in the majority of titles milking off conventional premises and otaku-pandering schmuck like moeblob, pop idols and "doing your best" style storylines. I was mostly indifferent to how the stories played out, with exception to episode 18 which portrays Yoshitsugu Otani's situation to be not of the sickeningly happy-go-lucky variety played up from the other stories and has a rather shocking twist ending in regards to how an element of her story plays out. Beyond that, Sengoku Collection's mostly forgettable fare whose existence is meant only for the usual tiresome otaku pandering schmuck.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2558#628]
(Two episodes watched):

This seems to be another series in which famous medieval Samurai warlords are replaced by female counterparts for the sake of comedy and fanservice. It doesn't aim very high, though; there is distinctly unfunny slapstick, crude animation, and in general it seems to have just barely enough quality content to justify being made. All sorts of potential seems to go unrealized as it aims for the lowest target, and I don't see any sign that it will get much better. It is modestly amusing, but I wouldn't be surprised if this show is dropped from my watching list before long. After watching episode two, I'm left feeling that Sengoku Collection is pretty shallow and predictable; the skeleton of an interesting story without the flesh. I was thinking that maybe Ieyasu would be betrayed and exploited by her manager, but no, almost everything runs smoothly. Is her story already over with? If so, why did they bother to include her conflict with Rosary? What was that warning about her being in danger of being destroyed by something within her? Even if more will be added later on, why should I care? Rosary and Ieyasu's personalities can be summed up in one line: they never give up (Rosary has become kind of jaded, too). This seems like a simplistic gambare tale. Twenty-three minutes of my time is a heavy price to pay for this stuff, not to mention rental or purchase fees someday.

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