Kodomo no Omocha OAV

Title:Kodomo no Omocha OAV
Child's Toy OAV
Kodocha (OAV)
Rossana (Italian)
こどものおもちゃ (Japanese)
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OGATA Megumi
Sana Kurata is a famous child-actress and the star of the hit T.V. show "Child's Toy." When Sana learns her rival/friend Akito Hayama is having trouble with his family, she takes it upon herself to "fix" the Hayama's.
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A half-hour OAV released in December 1995 with an issue of Ribon Magazine, the publisher of the Kodocha manga.
An adaptation of the first volume of Miho Obana's hit shoujo manga series.
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Watch 7 6 7 7 6 Ggultra2764 [series:2447#1552]
Before the TV series of Kodocha came out, this was released as an extra treat from the magazine that was publishing Obana-sensei's series. The OAV was clearly trying to squeeze whatever major events from the series occurred in the earlier chapters as this OAV felt like a compilation episode of what I would see from the manga. This does gloss over some of the major elements from the manga such as Sana's relationship with Rei and Hayama ordering the boys to attempt drowning Mami. Noticeably, the character designs look quite different from their anime and manga counterparts with Hayama and Sana sporting different hair color and Sana looking unusually developed in a certain area for a girl of her age. I found it kind of surprising that the seiyuu of Sasami from Tenchi Muyo and Shinji from Eva were voicing Sana and Hayama respectfully, who seemed far better at portraying the two characters than whomever was voicing them for the TV series (especially in Hayama's case since even while emotionally reserved, I find him way too deadpan). In addition, the OAV retains the somewhat realistic feel of the manga as you don't have Sana bouncing around the room like a cartoon character when she gets hyperactive, no Babbit sightings and gags that involve breaking the fourth wall. This OAV was giving me a "what if" feel over how a TV series adaptation of the series would look if the more realistic elements of the manga were portrayed with Sasami and Shinji's seiyuu voicing the titular roles. This OAV is worth a quick watch, if only to see how those elements would work out to those who were able to watch through the TV series and/or read the manga. Beyond that, there's just not enough in it to keep you coming back for more.

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