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Aチャンネル (Japanese)
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Based on a four-panel manga A channel by Kuroda BB serialized in Houbunsha's Manga Time Kirara Carat magazine since 2008. The story revolves around the everyday life of four high school girls: The flighty Run, The reckless Tooru, The timid Yuuko, and The level-headed Nagi.

New series to start airing April 2011. An additional OVA has been announced.

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Animation Production by Studio Gokumi
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Watch 8 6 6 5 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2434#1552]
Just your garden-variety moeblob slice-of-life comedy focused on a group of high school girls who are friends, and have their odd quirks. Nothing really groundbreaking within the stagnant slice-of-life comedy genre that is worth checking out, unless you're a diehard fan of the genre.

Last updated Sunday, February 05 2017. Created Friday, April 29 2011.
Watch Stretch [series:2434#628]
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The words 'flighty', 'reckless', 'timid', and 'level-headed' from the synopsis above offer a pretty good hint of what to expect here: the time-honored 'four-or-so-silly-high-school-girls-slice-of-life' premise. Much like K-ON! or Lucky Star, just not as good. Initially A-Channel seemed like a halfhearted attempt to beat just one more anime out of a dead horse. The problem was that this show isn’t particularly funny; it is more of a 'smile show' than one that will result in out-and-out laughter. I don't dislike it, since it didn't strongly offend me, but right from the start it was clear that this would not be a standout performer. Paying for this show is out of the question, rather it's a matter of whether you consider it worth the time that you are investing in it. If I had known what the laughs-to-minutes ratio was going to be, I might not have started watching in the first place. I also get the feeling that whoever performed the theme song had made a deal that the OP sequence would serve as a thinly disguised promo for her/them. You almost expect to see the words 'Buy the CD!' pop out at the end; that's the message the sequence seemed to send. . If you have time to watch every Spring series, and appreciate the art of animation itself, you could do worse than A Channel. On the other hand, if you must pick and choose a few exceptional series, this will definitely not be one of them.

Actually, I did decide to watch this series after all, since I got a few laughs out of it. I just won't write much, since it is right on the line between worth and not worth watching. Basically, there is not much worth mentioning about A-Channel, either as a compliment or a complaint. The girls are nice; this is more a matter of moe cuteness than comic talent. I couldn't help thinking that the mostly-rational-girl-who-is-terrified-by-the-supernatural character had been lifted shamelessly from K-On. But by the final episode, a little affection for the characters must have accumulated within me, because I could sympathize with Tooru’s anxiety that the naive girl was going to graduate someday and leave her behind. Better to end in a modestly touching manner than to drag on forever; I couldn’t have withstood another 12 or 13 episodes of this stuff. I guess about all I can say is that A-Channel doesn't try to deliver much, but at least achieves its thoroughly modest goal.

Last updated Wednesday, September 14 2011. Created Friday, April 22 2011.

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