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The story centers around a high school girl named Minami Kawashima who becomes the baseball team manager at Tokyo's Hodokubo High School. Minami accidentally buys Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, a classic productivity guide by the Austrian-American management guru Peter Drucker, and uses it to rally her dispirited team.

Based on Natsumi Iwasaki’s 2009 novel Moshi Koukou Yakyuu no Joshi Manager ga Drucker no Management wo Yondara (What If a Female High School Baseball Team Manager Read Drucker’s “Management”?)

Episodes: 10

While originally set to air on March 14, the tragic events of the Japanese earthquake led this show to be rescheduled for airing starting April 25, 2011.


Production I.G will animate the series with Takayuki Hamana (Prince of Tennis, Kemono no Souta Erin, Library War) directing.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2421#628]
(One episode watched):

The basic premise of a girl who has bought the wrong book but attempts to apply it to the management of a baseball team seemed like a fresh spin and I was optimistic about this series. But now that I have actually watched an episode, I cannot help feeling disappointed. I assumed that there would be an element of humor here, and there is, but the quality is so mediocre that I hardly cracked a smile, much less laughed. Neither Minami nor anyone else has really said or done anything that establishes them as a distinctive, non-generic character. With neither good jokes nor interesting characters, it seemed that the show was taking it's time to establish the premise and get the story underway; my feeling was 'get on with it'! In short, there does not seem to be all that much wit or talent backing up what might have been an interesting premise. Amid a flood of new Spring series, is there really any reason to spend my time watching Moshidora?

Last updated Thursday, May 12 2011. Created Thursday, May 12 2011.
Rent 8 7 8 7 8 7 Ggultra2764 [series:2421#1552]
Seeing a business management book used in coaching a high school baseball team for Moshidora seemed like a strange premise for this anime, though it proved to be quite original. Drucker's management book proved to be quite effective in helping with Minami's managing of the team as she was able to implement business strategies that helped restore morale to the team and improve their skills as they were originally in shambles before her arrival. For a 10 episode series, Moshidora does do a decent job in its pacing with showing the slow improvements in the quality of the teamwork, coaching and playing coming from the high school team thanks to Minami's advice from Drucker's management book. It also devotes some time in focusing on some issues faced by individual members of the team, whether the players or the coaching staff, over how they desire to help improve the team and the weaknesses they carry.

However, the show is plagued with a couple major issues that keep me from wanting to rank it higher. First would have to be the cheese factor from the show's more serious moments. Moshidora is mostly pretty grounded with its mood in seeing the improvements of the baseball team. However when a more serious moment from any of the team comes up such as Sakurai ditching practices or a shocking event from a prominent character in the second-to-last episode, the series has a bad habit of overly emoting on said moments and the cheese is especially prominent in the final two episodes of the show. Another issue with the show is that the show suffers the stigma of being a sports-themed anime which aren't too receptive with many Western anime fans. The show focused enough on the improvements of the team and if you anticipate the outcome of the baseball games, then you can see what will be happening from a mile away and it prevents you from having any attachment to the successes brought about by the team.

Moshidora's premise was quite original with its implementation of business management with coaching a baseball team and it was well paced enough to see the improvements of the team and get enough sense of what some of the individual players desired from being involved with the team. However, the show's more predictable moments and its moments of cheese did enough at bogging down any potential enjoyment I would get out of this series.

Last updated Saturday, May 07 2011. Created Saturday, May 07 2011.

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