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Unevaluated When the heroine regains consciousness in an unfamiliar place, she has suddenly lost all memories of everything that happened before August 1. What is this place, and what was she doing there, Who is she, and what sort of life had she lived?

BlazBlue Alter Memory
Avoid In the year 2199, humanity eagerly waits for the dawn of the new century, following the end of a series of devastating magic wars. When the world's most wanted man, Ragna the Bloodedge (also known as the Grim Reaper) make a move to destroy society, a group of ragtag fighters come together to stop him.

Divine Gate
Unevaluated Three alternate worlds exist, those of humans, demons and fairies--Terrestria, Hellestia and Celestia, respectively. The three worlds have collided, resulting in the creation of some sort of gateway that allows travel between them, which has led to chaos.

Watch It started in Venice in 2028--Gibiate, a bizarre disease which causes humans to transform into terrifying monsters. Within two years it had spread all over the world. Kathleen Funada is one of a colony of human survivors in what was once Tokyo. She hopes to help discover a vaccine for Gibiate before it's too late. One day she comes upon two strangely dressed men, Kanzaki Sensui and Sanada Kenroku. what's most strange is that the last thing they remember is being on their way to exile back in the year 1600.
Hakkenden: Eight Dogs of the East Buy See Hakkenden: Tōhō Hakken Ibun

Hakkenden: Tōhō Hakken Ibun
Buy Five years ago, almost every villager of Ootsuka died due to a tragic plague. But mysteriously enough, three survivors: a girl and two boys, emerged. Now living in a church, the three live in isolation, hidden from those who may seek to find them. Shino, one of the survivors, has control over the power of Murasame, the blade of life. But when the imperial church seeks to take the Murasame for themselves, their peaceful life becomes a thing of the past...

Kurogane no Linebarrels
Watch Fourteen-year-old Kouichi Hayase’s life has always been a mediocre one, if not dismal. However, those days of being bullied by classmates and escaping to a fantasy of being a hero are put to an end when a certain “accident” bestows on him a girl and a gigantic humanoid robot called “LINEBARREL”. The extraordinary power that Kouichi obtains puts him and everything around him on a sudden rollercoaster ride of battles, intrigues and friendship! During the course of his adventure, the boy starts to learn what life has to offer; he meets new friends, bids farewell to the old ones, but most of all he now has considerable responsibilities and is forced to confront the world around him.
Linebarrels of Iron Watch See Kurogane no Linebarrels

Rent The story centers around a high school girl named Minami Kawashima who becomes the baseball team manager at Tokyo's Hodokubo High School. Minami accidentally buys Management: Tasks, Responsibilities, Practices, a classic productivity guide by the Austrian-American management guru Peter Drucker, and uses it to rally her dispirited team.

Unevaluated Nanba Prison, built on an artificial island somewhere at sea, is far and away the world's most secure jail. However, four prisoners, Rock, Nico, Uno and Yougo, are unparalleled escape artists. Fortunately, they are also pretty much idiots. Their subdivision of the prison, block 13, is supervised by warden Hajime Sugoroku, who struggles to keep the four in check.

Shounen Hollywood - Holly Stage for 49
Rent Five middle and high school boys attempt to become an idol group to revive the fortunes of a once-great theater that has fallen into neglect.
The Numbers Unevaluated See Nanbaka
もしドラ Rent See Moshidora
アムネシア (Japanese) Unevaluated See Amnesia
ディバインゲート Unevaluated See Divine Gate
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