Ginban Kaleidoscope

Title:Ginban Kaleidoscope
Skating Ring Kaleidoscope
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Notables: Music - KAMEYAMA Kouichirou
Sakurano Azusa is a beautiful and gifted figure skater, but her haughty and aloof attitude cause her to be hated by those around her. Troubled by a lack of support, she is unable to reach her full potential and true ability. And then one day, she is visited by a ghost…..

Based on a manga with the same name by Kaibara Rei.

12 Episodes
Produced by Aniplex & Rare Trick
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Ginban Kaleidoscope is a shoujo rom-com focused around an aspiring Olympic figure skater named Azusa who winds up having her body possessed by the spirit of a dead Canadian pilot named Pete Pumps. The series essentially mixes comedy and drama with the interactions between Pete and Azusa as the two adjust to their rather unique predicament and Azusa learns to settle out of the haughty and cold attitude she had towards others at the start of the series. Azusa is actually a decent departure from the typical energetic and happy-go-lucky lead you would find from many shoujo titles as she has a cynical outlook on life and her self-absorbed attitude frequently gets her at odds with the media and Olympic committee members. Pete's presence in her life not only creates comical chemistry with the two from Azusa dealing with his inconvenient presence in her life, but his sunny outlook on life leading Azusa to mellow out of her cold attitude and learning her to care for others. The romance angle it plays up between the two is also a refreshing approach for a shoujo title as the time limit for Pete's stay in Asuka's body is a lingering element to the story throughout its run, and becomes a major dramatic element in the show's final episodes. About the only issue I have with the show is its subpar visual presentation, but that is somewhat getting into the realm of nitpicking. If you enjoy watching shoujo titles, Ginban Kaleidoscope is a definite recommendation.

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