Protectors of Universe (Koreanime)

Title:Protectors of Universe (Koreanime)
Masters of the Future
Mazinga 7
Mazinger 7
Protectors of the Universe (US title)
Super Mazinga
슈퍼 마징가7 (Korean)
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The Planet Orion is being attacked by an evil Green Alien and his spaceships. The King of Orion orders his son, Prince Sipian and his daughter, Princess Susan and all the children of Orion to leave the planet so that they may rebuild the Kingdom one day. They come under attack during their escape and contact Earth for help. The people of Earth sent Super Mazinger 7, a Giant Robot Spaceship, to escort the space train named Super Express to Earth. Once there and the Children safe, they join Super Mazinger 7 and Super Express into one Spaceship. Prince Sipian and Pricess Susan join the crew of Super Mazinger 7 and go back to Orion to save the rest of the population.

Synopsis taken from Tradebit.

69minute Movie.
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Now, I usually start with a brief summary but it really isn't worth it. From the information I have gathered, this was a Korean animation (I'll call it a Koreanime) that was dubbed in English. I picked this little tidbit of the clearance rack from a Stop and Shop supermarket for $2.50. It was part of a 3-pack of other anime movies. This is one of the movies of my 3 part review. Now, onto the breakdown.

The plot is pretty terrible. There is no back story so right off the bat you see Super Mazinger 7 in space. No rhyme or reason to it. No information on the characters until you get halfway through the movie. On top of that, the animation reminds me of a cross between Gatchaman and a very bad version of Go-Lion (Voltron for the US fans). What really kills is the horrendous english dubbing. The voice acting is so horrendous that it makes Arcade Gamer Fubuki an instant buy.

However, there is something that caught my attention. It's really something that makes me wonder if there is some sort of connection to Go-Lion. About halfway through the movie, I notice an insignia that was part of the background. It's a splitting image of the crest that's used on the Castle of Lions and also on Voltron itself. After viewing a little more of this scene, the background is almost the exact same image seen inside the Castle of Lions give or take a few changes. I find this piquing my curiosity. When I watch more of it, the alien characters look almost like the ones on Planet Doom. IMHO, I think this is a cheap knockoff of Go-Lion. A lot of the background art is almost similar to what you may see on Go-Lion. Hell, even the mecha are so close that it could be a Go-Lion spinoff. A very bad spinoff.

In all honesty, it's something that you should give a chance to watch. Whether you do it to humor yourself or like me who's willing to take a chance, all in all it's not as bad as Arcade Gamer Fubuki. That's of course you watch this with the volume muted and do your own script. This was only meant to be an experiment and hopefully the next 2 movies aren't as bad.

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