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Cyress was a peaceful planet until Solomon, a mysterious terrorist group led by Duran Gash, seized seven PDP missiles that are capable of destroying entire planets. Jim Hyatt is chosen to lead a team to do what seems to be impossible: Find a way to both rescue the hostages and reclaim or destroy the deadly PDP missiles. The problem though is that the team members don't really like each other...
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12 Episodes
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Avoid Stretch [series:2173#628]
(Two episodes watched):

Back when I first discovered the wonderful world of anime, I was completely entranced and almost every new series I watched seemed the best I'd seen yet. The question occured to me, what would it take for me to assign an "Avoid" rating to any show? While watching AWOL, I realized the answer: a show so dull, so pathetic, that I'd have gotten more enjoyment by leaving the TV set switched off and instead spending the time thinking back about the shows which I'd watched the day before. The action scenes were laughable, the animation two dimensional, and little effort or talent of any kind had evidently been employed in the making of this series. This was at least five years ago, and I was so appalled at the miserable quality of AWOL that I couldn't bring myself to review it. It kind of shook my naive faith in anime as a whole, and I still can't bring myself to rewatch it in order to refresh my memory.

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