L Change the WorLd (live-action)

Title:L Change the WorLd (live-action)
Lの本当の秘密 (Japanese)
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Notables: Original Concept - OBATA Takeshi
R1 License - Viz Media (Shopro)
L is recruited to save humanity from a deadly virus that wiped out a whole Thai village and his friend F. His oponents are K and a twisted environmental group who want to "cleanse" the world of it's excess population with the deadly virus. His accomplices are two young children - a English speaking boy who's the only survivor of the virus infected Thai village; and a Japanese school girl who's the child of the Professor who developed the virus antidote. His FBI partners are Watari who dies early in the show, and Sugura who joins later as a brief comical decoy for L on the run.

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A Live-Action spinoff movie from the animated series Death Note and Death Note (live-action movie #1).

The actor who plays 'L', Kenichi Matsuyama will also appear in another manga/anime inspired movie: DMC.

Produced by Warner Bros.
R1 Licensed by VIZ Media.
Released in the US theaters on (dubbed) on April 30, '09.

1:11min Trailer - YouTube Video
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:1787#628]
I have only watched the first half hour or so of this movie, but here are my first impressions. For one thing, I am confused. One character seems to die in a different situation than happened during the anime, another is implied to already be dead, which makes no sense whatsoever, L and Ryuk are on speaking terms, which I don't recall ever happened during the anime--etc, etc. I had thought that this film would be about another unrelated but very serious case which L solved in his spare time while searching for Kira, but now can only guess that it is following a wildly different plot rather than being a spinoff, perhaps based on the other live-action films instead of the manga or anime. Things are already so mixed up at the beginning of the movie that I have little idea what's going on. As if that were not enough of a problem, the quality of the film in general does not impress me. Early on, it feels like a mediocre James Bond movie, with a secret organization out to destroy the world because it doesn't like what the world has become (sort of like Moonraker). Basically, the quality of the Death Note anime--at least the first two-thirds of it--set a very high bar and it was unrealistic to expect this movie to match it. The acting isn't superlative, though at least the guy playing L probably does the best job of anyone. I wonder if my criticism would be as harsh if this story had been animated rather than done live-action? I had felt that (spoiler) killing off L in the anime was a disastrous mistake because he was by far the most interesting character, and had hoped for some more entertainment based on him as compensation, but so far I am wondering if buying this DVD was a good idea. This isn't the intense battle-of-wits stuff that I had been hoping for.

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Rent Jan-Chan [series:1787#967]
Hummm…. What does one do when you want to use a special character of a series when that character is killed off towards the end? The solution is to create a ‘side story’ that is embedded within the flow of original story.

It is hinted that all of the events of L Change the WorLd take place within the last 3-weeks of L’s life. In fact, many of the characters of Death Note make a brief cameo appearance as a special treat.

If you loved the anime, then you probably would also enjoy the two movies of the live action series. And the L Change the WorLd movie is a special treat allowing fans to enjoy more of their heartthrob actor ↗Ken’ichi MATSUYMA as he offers a reprise of his role as ‘L’.

For more information about the movie, see the wiki posting for ↗L Change the World.

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