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"I want to send my father a song. I want to tell him of my overflowing feelings. I am dreaming for the day when we will meet again..." Song of Yu-No. Takuya a normal boy, who lost his father while he was doing research, is taken and plunged into another world where everything is the same but... not. Ryumi, his young-step mother, Mitsuki, Ryumi's best friend and lover, Miyo, his childhood friend and crush, the mysterious Canna, who also happens to be his daughter from the future, and Yu-No, his other daughter, interplay with Takuya who must find a way to set things right before the Earth and Della Grand, his future home are lost forever.
[OVA, 1998-1999, 4 episodes, 30 min]
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Buy 8 7 7 6 8 7 Anonymous #2503 [series:1707#2503]
This series was quite interesting. It was a bit confusing however when you get yourself orientated to what is going on it is quite enjoyable. The as a whole it may seem slightly disjointed but by the end of the last episode it all becomes clear and it will make you want to watch it again because you KNOW.

Don't hit the page buttons cause they don't have anything on them.

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