Sousei no Aquarion (OVA)

Title:Sousei no Aquarion (OVA)
Genesis of Aquarion: Wings of Betrayal
Sousei no Aquarion: Uragiri no Tsubasa
創星のアクエリオン -裏切りの翼- (Japanese)
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Notables: Music - KANNO Yoko
Original Concept - KAWAMORI Shouji
Long ago, at time when Heaven and Earth were one, the world was filled with beauty and the Angels sang to the stars. However the only source of fear were those Angels that hunted humans. The humans raised the flag of rebellion and fought back, beginning the long war. In the midst of the war, Apollonius, a slaughtering Angel, met a girl named Celine and fell in love at first sight. Casting aside his wings, Apollonius joined Celine and the humans, and helped them create the mecha warriors that gave humanity a chance of winning the war. Angry at the loss of his 'love', the Angel Touma seduced and corrupted a human as revenge. And now some 12,000 years later, the battle is still raging. Legends tell of the dark betrayal that killed Apollonius, but they also speak of how he would return to finish the battle started so long ago.

Scheduled for release in July 2007.
OVA sequel to Sousei no Aquarion (TV).
and late 2007 release movie - Gekijouban Aquarion

episode 1 - Wings of Betrayal (50min)
episode 2 - Wings of Glory (50min)
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Rent Jan-Chan [series:1624#967]
First let me share that the TV series released last year was only worth a WATCH, perhaps a RENT if you are really into top notch MECHA action.

But this is NOT a continuation of the TV series.

Casting off the earlier series, the script has been completely rewritten and changed. Yes, most of the characters are still there, but in a very different story. And it really works!!

This is still about Angels harvesting humans, and the mecha animation is top-notch, but there is also a strong and well-crafted story.

Some of the changes made (assuming that you have seen the original series) are:
  • Apollonius fell in love with Celine (not Silva)
  • The reincarnation of Apollonius' love is Reika (who is really cute)
  • Silva's brother died in battle before the story starts (so, none of her brother fixation)
  • Apollo is a wild tree hugging forest brat (rather that a wild street urchin.)
  • The human vectors are just flying mechas (not fusing vectors.)
My only complaint is that they still scream "Sousei Gattai!! Go Aquarion" (and female pilots still squeal about the fusion experience), but I think I can get over it.

IMHO, this is the story that TV series should have been.

I have posted some snapshots of the first OVA episode.

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