Meitantei Holmes

Title:Meitantei Holmes
Aventures de Sherlock Holmes
Die Abenteuer des Sherlock Holmes
Il fiuto di Sherlock Holmes
Les, Famous Detective Holmes
Meitantei Houmuzu
Sherlock Hound
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Notables: Animation - Tokyo Movie Shinsha
R1 License - Discotek
The series is action packed, and really fun to watch. All the characters such as Holmes, Watson, Mrs. Hudson, and Prof. Moriarty were made into dogs. Holmes is a lot younger and more active than in the novels (he drives a car and does a lot of car chases). Mrs. Hudson, now a 19 year old widow, gets a piece of the action.

It was made as a joint project between Tokyo Movie Shinsha and an Italian TV station, RAI, in 1981. Hayao MIYAZAKI directed 6 episodes (3-5 and 9-11), but the production was put on hold due to a copyright dispute with Sir Arthur Conan Doyle`s estate. In 1984, after the copyright dispute was finally resolved, Tokyo Movie Shinsha decided to make more episodes of Holmes and to air it as a TV series as originally planned, with totally different staff members from the first 6 episodes.

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26 TV Episodes
Animation by Tokyo Movie & Studio Ghibli
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Sherlock Hound is an episodic mystery series focused on the cases of Sherlock Holmes as he and other characters are anthropomorphized animals in this series. Made in mind for children, this series mixes adventure and comedy as Holmes and Dr. Watson normally cross paths with Professor Moriarty and his henchmen for the majority of Holmes' cases, as Moriarty's complicated schemes are rather easy for Holmes to pick up on. While the series does have its fun moments with Holmes' eccentric personality and the antics of Moriarty's gang, its plot structure does eventually get repetitive by the middle of the show's run and there isn't really much development with the characters in the show as it is more focused on exploring the varying cases Holmes gets into. The series is a nice one for children to watch as its content is clean for the most part and they may enjoy the comical moments of the series. But there might not be much appeal for it towards many modern anime fans due to its episodic storytelling and outdated animation.

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