Angels Feather

Title:Angels Feather
Angel's Feather
エンジェルズフェザー (Japanese)
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Notables: R1 License - Media Blasters
Shou Hamura, who carries the blood of the white-winged clan, transfers into Yuusei academy, a school sitting on top of a small hill where dormitory lodging is mandatory. There he meets his twin younger brother, Kai Misonou. Shou had been searching for his twin brother, as they had been seperated since they were very young, but Kai has no memory of Shou, and is wary of him because he seems to know all about Kai`s childhood. Kai denies that they are blood relatives.

And then a great rumbling a fissure opens up in the earth before them, and Shou jumps in to save his friend ...!

The cogs of time have begun to move around Shou and Kai, and they will no longer allow either of them to lead peaceful student lives.

From AarinSecret Magazine Vol 1

Based on a Yaoi-RPG game by Studio E.Go.

(Summary from ANIDB)

2 OVA Episodes (each 30min)
Animation by Studio e.go!

R1 License by Media Blasters.

2:06min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1442#967]
Ummm! This is another of those special Boy's Love, Shounen-ai, and Yaoi anime titles from those special people at the AARINFANTASY fansub team. I do have to mention that (minor issues and preferences aside,) they are a very dedicated group with very high standards (no typos in their fansubs,) who do an excellent job on their various projects.

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