The Legend of the Blue Wolf

Title:The Legend of the Blue Wolf
Ginga Teikoku no Metsubou Gaiden: Aoki Ookami Tachi no Densetsu
Legend of the Blue Wolves
Legend of the Four Horsemen
銀河帝国の滅亡・外伝 蒼き狼たちの伝説
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Jonathon Tiberius is a young robot pilot who is falling for his bunkmate, the tall blonde Leonard Schteinberg. However, their grotesque unit commander has his eye on Jonathon himself. Leonard manages to save Jonathon from their commander`s clutches, but at a great cost. Leonard is being shipped out to the front lines, and he and Jonathon only have one night together. Will it make up for an eternity of separation?

(synopsis from ANN)

single OVA episode (46 min)
Produced by Beam Entertainment
Fansub by aarinfantasy

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