Patapata Hikousen no Bouken

Title:Patapata Hikousen no Bouken
Adventures of Patapata Aircraft
Le secret du sable bleu (French)
Secret of Cerulean Sand
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A fifteen-year-old Jane Buxtom decides to set out to find her missing older brother. Chasing after a mysterious hint of her brother having found the secret of ‘Cerulean Sand’ at the time of his disappearance, Jane begins an adventure that will lead her from the safety of her English manor house to the vast foreboding deserts of the Middle East, and then to isolated mountain trails somewhere in the Caucasus. While chasing after various clues appearing only as hushed rumors and forgotten legends, Jane and her (protective) fellow travelers find themselves having to fight off a band of soldiers equipped with strange airships, seemly intent on keeping the ‘Cerulean Sand’ a secret to all outsiders.

The story is inspired by and based loosely on Jules Verne`s stories, "↗Facing The Flag" and "City in the Sahara”

This series is a co-production between Japanese and Korean animation teams and was aired simultaneously in both countries.

26 TV episodes (released in 2001/02)
Produced by Tokyo Movie Shinsha.
Broadcast in Japan by Wowow

Available only as a fansub as of Oct, 2005
English fansub title "Secret of Cerulean Sand"

1:40min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Rent 7 6 7 7 7 7 Ggultra2764 [series:1211#1552]
This early 2000s children's anime may have you draw parallels with Gainax's Nadia: Secret of Blue Water as an adventure title with its young heroine and a mysterious blue sand said to have the power to make objects fly. In the case of Secret of Cerulean Sand, the series is more focused on our heroine Jane trying to track down the whereabouts of her brother when he was believed to be killed during an expedition for said sand and a mysterious group of thugs trying to impede her in the search. There is a solid amount of world building and fleshing out of many key characters in Cerulean Sand, helping to offer solid engagement to its plot as more details are revealed about the whereabouts of Jane's brother and the secrets surrounding the cerulean sand that serves as the center of conflict within the series. Still, going into the series will require some suspension of disbelief with what is revealed about the antagonists of the series in regards to the advanced technology employed by them within the steampunk-like world offered up by Cerulean Sand and there isn't much explanation provided as to how things got so far advanced with said technology. Plus with the series mainly aimed for a younger audience, there can be some plot elements within the series that feel a bit unexplored or hokey in their execution, mainly the number of times that Jane and her allies can get away from the enemies that threaten or capture them. Still for an adventure anime, Secret of Cerulean Sand makes for solid entertainment with decent world building and exploration of its characters to make it a decent watch for folks of any age.

Last updated Sunday, July 29 2018. Created Sunday, July 29 2018.
Rent Jan-Chan [series:1211#967]
If you enjoy this type of story, then you might want to check out - Fushigi no Umi no Nadia and Kenran Butoh Sai: The Mars Daybreak.

I remembering seeing this a couple of years ago.

Tis a good story for teenagers and those who can enjoy innocent adventure stories. In the classic style of ↗Jules Verne (wiki), one can expect a grand adventure of mystery and danger as the main character (Jane Buxtom) undertakes a dangerous journey, accompanied a stalwart band of fellow travelers, to discover the fate of her missing brother.

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