Outlanders OVA

Title:Outlanders OVA
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Notables: R1 License - Central Park Media(Defunct)
Earth is known as the 'Holy Planet' to an alien race, but Earthlings will have to die first! Princess Kahm has come to Earth to find a man that she can't defeat. That man is Tetsuya, a reporter covering the alien invasion. He is the first guy to even touch Kalm while she was rampaging around beheading people. Now she wants to marry him. If he can survive her relatives!
One Episode OVA, 48 minutes (released in 1986)
Produced by Tatsunoko
Licensed for R1/USA by Central Park Media in 12/2004

Note : The current dub cast was selected by fans over the internet. First time the fans have selected a cast!
Episode Details 
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Watch Forbin [series:1170#1573]
Yah, the new dub is pretty good, but honestly there isn't a much of a script. It sorta is blah. Wish it had more.
Animation really sucks!

Starts out sorta bloody, then moves into some comedy romance, then turns into a minor hentai, then back to a comedy.
It's all over the place

Last updated Wednesday, June 21 2006. Created Wednesday, June 21 2006.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:1170#967]
Well, Central Park Media can delay the release of this one episode OVA all they want, but a fan-sub group has shared their MKV release of this series to tied us over until then.

HUMMM .. is this OVA worth dubbing into English and releasing on the R1 market? Well who knows? I can offer a luke-warm review .. it is worth a <watch> if you enjoy older anime, with a simple (but ecchi) story line.

I posted some pictures in the episode details, if you want to check them out.

Last updated Saturday, August 27 2005. Created Thursday, August 25 2005.

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