Sex Warrior Pudding

Title:Sex Warrior Pudding
Famires Senshi Purin
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Our hero, Shuta, loves to play bishojo games more than anything. Well, due to his father's last wishes, this hormone ranging young boy is now working as the manager of the diner restaurant, ALamode. Lucky for him, the love of his life, Pudding Nishimura, works at this place, however. . . Unexpected, as a manager, he gets to have sex with his assistant manager and the other cute waitresses that works here, willing or unwillingly! Well, this may sound like a man's paradise, however, ALamode is more than just a restaurant; it's a Global Defense Agency! That's right, the waitresses of this restaurant fight for the good of mankind!

-- From 3 episodes
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Buy 9 9 8 7 7 loplop [series:1115#1797]
Sex Warrior Pudding is one of the funniest Hentai I've seen since Darling came out a couple of years ago. It parodies everything from Magical Girls to Mecha during the 3 episodes of the series. It plays out very much like some Bishoujo game gone weird. Our hero, Shuta has his way with all of the major characters but professes to love only the title character of Pudding. The colors are bright and the art work and characters are very attractive and well animated. If you like Hentai parodies of other anime genre, Sex Warrior Pudding is of the better I've seen.

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