I have a computer problem.

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12/14/2015 02:06 PM

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I have a computer problem. For some reason, whenever I try to 'save wav' from an mpeg4 anime using VirtualDubMod, the audio wav file I get is compressed--the audio of a two minute short is compressed into about 40 seconds of garbled, 'chipmunk speak', for example. I was certain for awhile that the problem was in the Switch Sound Converter program, because I had to re-install that recently (for some reason the free trial version worked just fine, but the paid-for one doesn't; I have sent an e-mail to the Switch people). But the compression seems to be taking place during the Save Wav process in VirtualDubMod. I can still convert MKV anime as usual, perhaps because that process doesn't employ VirtualDubMod. So maybe the timing of this problem appearing and my re-installing Switch was just a coincidence (unless the audio wav files are supposed to be compressed while being 'saved', and get decompressed later). But I have no idea why VirtualDubMod, which I have used for years, would start doing this now; I haven't made any intentional changes there. Does anyone have an idea what might be going on? Maybe the answer is buried somewhere within all my conversations with Devil Doll here in Discussion Forum.

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