Cute Girls with Guns

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05/06/2006 10:08 PM

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Great Suggestion from Forbin .. spin off topic from Stretch's Kendo Girl Scrapbookbr

In the spirit of a modern kendo girl, Levi is a pirate on the torpedo boat Black Lagoon and is a warrior who prefers fully automatic weapons and grenade-launchers to the katana or bow.


05/09/2006 11:33 PM

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Again, "Negima!" and the chick with the gun...who's name totally escapes me at present.

I think no matter what category you do, "Negima!" will have the girl. lol


05/10/2006 04:04 AM

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Mana! hehe...Yup 31 girls does cover a wide spectrum.


05/11/2006 01:19 PM

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I wonder, is it possible to display the "viewed" total for the Cute Girls with Guns and Kendo Girl Scrapbook pages? I'm curious as to how many people are checking them out.

Maybe we should delete the "Cute" condition and just call this "Girls with Guns". Kiddy Phenyl, Joe, and perhaps a couple of others aren't exactly girls who one would describe as "cute", what with their fiery dispositions and all.

Devil Doll

05/11/2006 04:16 PM

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Well, I might find a scene or two in these 26 episodes where Kiddy does look cute...


03/26/2007 02:37 PM

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No code in yet, but I looked in the database... viewed currently for "Cute Girls with Guns" is 3599 and "Kendo Girl Scrapbook" is 1173.


03/26/2007 11:20 PM

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Thanks for checking! Looks like guns are considered to be a good deal sexier than swords, especially since the kendo girl page has been around longer.


03/27/2007 01:16 AM

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Tis probably a matter of semantics (and the fact that most anime fans tend to be boys.) I suspect that if you changed the name of kendo girl wiki page to Dangerous & Sharp Girls or perhaps, Sharp Blades & Cute Girls, then the viewing count would probably go up.


03/28/2007 11:27 AM

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Yeah, I never thought of that. I bet a lot of people have no idea what "kendo" is anyway. This all started off as a sort of joke and the title was never intended as an eye-catcher. Here's an idea I've been harboring for a long time: a page showing references to the famous painting "The Scream" from numerous different shows.

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