Sakigake! Cromartie Koukou - 26:

Title:Sakigake! Cromartie Koukou
"Takako" Kamiyama relates to her mother how she has been accepted into Cromartie Girl's High School. With her new friends, she goes around and sees the strange girls who attend the school. Back in "normal" Cromartie HS (if it can be called that), Kamiyama, Hayashida and Maeda discuss their plans and concerns for the future.
And so it ends, with a sort of self-parody. If any more episodes were ever made, they could be added on without any trouble. Having rewatched the bulk of the series a second time, and seen episodes 24-26 for the first time, I can't help concluding that this show relies heavily on sight gags which are hilarious the first time around, but not so funny once you know what to expect. Since rewatchability is a prime condition for bestowing a Buy rating, I'm having second thoughts about that rating which I originally assigned to this show; maybe Rent+ would be more appropriate. I still find it hard to believe that the word "fudgin" is an accurate translation of the original version...

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