Sakigake! Cromartie Koukou - 25: A Hole In Lotta Love

Title:Sakigake! Cromartie Koukou
Episode:25: A Hole In Lotta Love
The delinquents are annoyed by Freddy's horse, but Kamiyama urges them not to belittle animals, which, he says, can "do things like soothe your heart". The others are so impressed that they form an "Animal Lovers Club" and bring their pets to school. Later, Maeda is complaining to the hijacker about having to clean the stable; somehow, they wind up discussing the implications of currency depreciation and the washing of bath mats. Finally, Kamiyama challenges Maeda to "become a cat", since he claims to understand them...
The two laugh-out-loud moments for me in this episode were what happened when Hokutos Kobun badmouthed the horse, and the visitor that appeared to Maeda as he attempted to think and act like a cat. This is the first episode which I have watched dubbed as well as subbed (the only regular character in the last one was the gorilla, so it wouldn't have made for a very good comparison). Kamiyama's English voice is so unlike his Japanese one that it was jarring at first, but eventually it seems to work out OK. The dubbed script seems pretty faithful to the subbed one. I'm impressed that not only did the discussion about currency depreciation continue to be about Yen rather than Dollars, but a reference to a "160km" speed was retained instead of being converted to a miles-per-hour figure. A reference to the "Washington Treaty" was deleted from the dub, however. The most startling difference between this ADV release and the fansub I originally watched is in regards to profanity. I am shocked--shocked I tells ya--at how little profanity there is here. It's quite possible that the Japanese language simply doesn't contain the profuse swearwords that are commonplace in America nowadays. I wonder how accurate a translation the line "Don't screw with me, you morons! I'll fudgin' kill you guys!" is (what's the Japanese word for "fudgin"?). The fansubbers would have felt no reluctance to pile on the F-word wholesale (if the series hadn't been licensed before they finished their own release). The thing is, in a foul-mouthed country like America, can viewers take "delinquents" seriously when then hardly ever swear? I think sometimes reading profanity in subtitles cracks me up, precisely because it's so unusual in anime.

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