Sakigake! Cromartie Koukou - 24: Gorilla's Sushi--A Record of Success Through Excellence

Title:Sakigake! Cromartie Koukou
Episode:24: Gorilla's Sushi--A Record of Success Through Excellence
Early in the morning at the Tsukiji Fish Market, "Tokyo's Kitchen", a "Mr. Gori" arrives and swiftly selects the best catches and negotiates bargain prices. Someone asks about him, and is told by the foreman that "Although he has a careless side, he's honest by nature". At the sushi shop Gori is commended for his skill as a chef. A "landshark" pays a visit, attempting to coerce the owner into selling the restaraunt. It turns out that the shark is in fact the owner's son. Mr. Gori takes it upon himself to heal the rift between the two of them...
Eh... this one was amusing, but didn't really contain any LOL jokes for me. I thought only the delinquents at Cromartie were too dim to realize that "Gori" is in fact a gorilla. At least the gorilla finally gets the limelight for an episode.

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