Sakigake! Cromartie Koukou - 10:

Title:Sakigake! Cromartie Koukou
Setoichi Jackson is the "banchou" (delinquent gang leader) of the first-year students at Barse High School, and Takejyou Wakuyo is his right hand man. As Setoichi calls for a showdown between Barse and Cromartie, Takejyou can't help being distracted by something about his leader's face. Later, Hayashida complains to Takashi what a boring school Cromartie is. Then, Maeda is taken hostage by the delinquents at Barse to force Takenouchi to come fight them alone. Using his cell phone, Setoichi is in communication with Takejyou, who has been sent to escort Takenouchi back to Barse...
I frankly didn't get a lot of the jokes from this one. Who was that old man? Or that stuffed-animal like creature?

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