Mahoraba -Heartful Days- - 7: Hide and Seek

Title:Mahoraba -Heartful Days-
Episode:7: Hide and Seek
A friend of Shiratori envies him for living where he does, with a high school girl as his landlady, but he himself cannot endure the endless parties any longer. As soon as he gets home, Momono declares the "Thirteenth Great Exciting Battle for Royal Rights", in the form of a game of kakurenbo (hide-and-seek). The winner can order the losers to do anything (and refusing to take part would be considered as making him an automatic loser). Shiratori hopes Kozue will put an end to this madness, but she is happy to take part as well. At least if he wins he can decree an end to the partying in his room for awhile, and catch up on his schoolwork...
The male protagonist forced to endure endless partying in his own room reminds me of Maison Ikkoku. Whatever happened to Kozue's multiple personalities? I'm guessing there will be an episode focused on Haibara and "Johnny" coming up.

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