Mahoraba -Heartful Days- - 6: Tama Check

Title:Mahoraba -Heartful Days-
Episode:6: Tama Check
After being press ganged into another all night party, Shiratori looks like death itself as he sets off for school. As soon as he gets home he lays down to get a little sleep--only to find Tamami sitting alongside his futon. She says she needs his help to recover something she left at school, and uses an embarassing photo of him and Kozue to persuade him to agree. For some reason, his measurements, weight, and whether or not he's dating anyone seem important to her as they walk to her school...
Apparently, Shiratori was being given some sort of test ("Tama Check") to determine whether he was an okay guy to have around Tamami's dear friend Kozue. Tamami kinda gives me the creeps, what with her general attitude and especially the school club she belongs to.

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