Mahoraba -Heartful Days- - 5: Nega Posi

Title:Mahoraba -Heartful Days-
Episode:5: Nega Posi
Shiratori finds the listless Sayoko-san lying in the crawlspace below the apartment porch. She has fallen far behind in her job of making paper flowers, and is hiding from her energetic daughter Asami, who will soon be home from school. Momono volunteers Shiratori to help them catch up (though he has homework of his own to do). He finds their apartment to be full of cardboard boxes, which both contain supplies and double as their only furniture. After awhile Shiratori goes to the supermarket with Asami to get something for dinner. He cannot help noticing that Asami and Sayoko seem to have opposite personalities, and it's hard to tell which acts more like a parent...
An intriguing glimpse at the lifestyle of the poverty stricken Sayoko and Asami. In anime you often hear people saying "I'll do my best!", but you seldom see a woman who can hardly do anything, and a girl who does her best yet cheerfully accepts life as one of the "poor". I'm guessing "Nega Posi" means "Negative/Positive"--two outlooks on life.

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