Mahoraba -Heartful Days- - 2: Miss Landlady's Secret

Title:Mahoraba -Heartful Days-
Episode:2: Miss Landlady's Secret
Shiratori is speechless at the angry, frightening Kozue who suddenly claims not to know who he is and concludes he's a thief. Momono and Tamami address the woman as "Saki-chan", and persuade her that Shiratori is a new tennant, which calms her down. Now she wants to hold a welcome party! Momono goes with Shiratori to get party supplies and explains that Kozue being startled by him caused her to "transform". The next day Miss Landlady seems to be back in Kozue mode, but apparently doesn't remember what happened. She's as charming as usual, and Shiratori concludes she was just in a bad mood yesterday--until she gets surprised again...
The small apartment house full of strange, eccentric characters sort of reminds me of Maison Ikkoku. Quirky characters are a welcome change in comparison to some of the other shows I've been watching lately. One other thing--I keep confusing the title of this show with Maburaho!

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