Photon - 5: Papacha Turns The Key

Episode:5: Papacha Turns The Key
It turns out that the female innkeeper (to whom age has not been kind) is Aun's big sister! Keyne introduces herself as Photon's new wife (and he doesn't exactly contradict her) while Aun worries that this is what she'll wind up looking like someday. Papacha and his Pochis have been thrown out of the inn as a result of trashing the spa. Bulan appears to him, and explains that "According to Professor Ma Geae Aqua's laws of Aho energy, the Anti-Aho Furnace is found where the Singularity occurs". The "Singularity" is none other than Photon. Papacha realizes why his aho energy was useless against him, and reasons that if he can "enable the anti-aho furnace" he can "shift the singularity" and strip Photon of his amazing powers. To do this, he'll need the key to the furnce--Keyne. He resolves to exploit Princess Lashara, who is delighted when he denies all the accusations Pochi #1 made against him. Meanwhile, Keyne learns of the "Devil's Hot Spring" which provides the hot water for the spa, and wonders if it might be the aho system still functioning. With her companions she heads for the location. The Pochis notify Papacha that she is moving, and he races to intercept her...
According to Akemi's Anime World, "Aho" is a Japanese synonym for "idiot", which would describe me when it comes to understanding how this form of energy is supposed to operate.

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