Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 7: Ah! The Place To Express Your Feelings

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:7: Ah! The Place To Express Your Feelings
Megumi and Belldandy go shopping together, and when they see a stall with gift boxes for White Day [image1] (the day when boys requite the Valentine Day presents to their girls according to Japanese culture) Megumi learns that Belldandy doesn't know about this habit, and consequently didn't give a chocolate present to her beloved Keiichi! Now Belldandy realizes why Keiichi might have been so down lately - how disappointed must he have been!
So Belldandy bakes a chocolate cake with all her love, planning to give it to her Keiichi at some "romantic place". But where would this be? Obviously not at Nekomi Tech, as Belle observes Sayoko scolding a boy for trying to present her flowers there. Being the naive goddess she is, she runs away from Keiichi and asks Sayoko [image2] to show her a romantic place... and ends up with an unwanted rendez-vous with the number one campus playboy [image3], one of those who takes a girl's "no" for a "yes" in certain situations... ouch, that hurt!
On the next day Belldandy tries again, taking Keiichi to places where he would be happy - and Megumi's tickets for the Motor Show [image4] come quite handy. But when the couple meets the motor club senpais on this fair Belldandy once again takes some statement way too literally [image5], almost spoiling the whole day by doing so.
Finally, Keiichi has Belldandy tell him why she behaved so oddly - and the boy got the right idea where to go now. So after exchanging their respective gifts, this episode can finally have its happy ending [image6]... or can it?
[2005-02-21, Devil Doll]:
Welcome to Chobits episode 7. Yes, even the same episode number... for shame! And hasn't the Valentine day theme been done to death in anime centuries ago? Well, this was supposed to cover manga chapters 10 to 12 (plus using the hotel scene from chapter 20), but as chapter 12 (the bike race) already featured prominently in the OVA this episode rather focussed on chapter 11, yet providing an almost complete rewrite of it.
Belldandy is so stupid that it hurts. I'm fine with her not knowing Japanese culture... then again, she should be aware of this herself and try to learn, such as reading books or newspapers for example, or watch TV... instead of asking Sayoko (of all people! Why not Megumi instead?) for help. (By the way, how much did yahoo.com pay Mishima-san for this ad scene?) Doesn't Belle ever notice how laughably she behaves, and how others respond to this? She's the one supposed to be able to read emotions of human beings, isn't she? And she knows about lying, having such a nice onee-san, right?
What bothers me most about Belle is that she can act exceptionally strong and powerful at times, as we have seen in episode 6. So while things like even misspelling "Valentine" on the cake would be considered funny in the case of, say, Chii that same behaviour from a Goddess First Class is nothing but embarrassing IMHO. This time she got what she deserved for her naivete... by the way it's good to see that Mishima-san is back 'on track' with her manga role, we'll need her this way in episodes to come. But can anyone please give Belle a crash course about the reliability of information sources?
Fortunately, all is not lost. Megumi plays a strong and considerate part in this episode, and she is aware how lucky her brother can be, having such a devoted girlfriend. And Keiichi, being the loser in episode 5, did the right thing this time when he had the chance to. What a pity that the boy pulled the short straw again at the "romantic place"... but apparently this 'incident' was necessary to lead over into episodes to come. There's a reason why the coercive force failed... next time we'll have another goddess in the house!
EDIT after watching episode 9: Another good thing was the casual appearance of this Toshiyuki playboy whom we'll need in episodes to come.


(AstroNerdBoy -- 22 Feb 2005)
The Valentine's Day theme of the episode didn't bother me, even though it has been in numerous anime titles. Why? Because it is a huge event in Japan, thus it is understandable that it appear so often. What concerned me was the fact that Belldandy is making a chocolate for K1 when she didn't do so in the manga until her 2nd year with K1. However, after the episode finished, I saw that there was nothing here that would prevent a potential future episode with Mara, Urd, Bell, and chocolates from happening.
I liked that Sayoko-san is still in the game. I was slightly afraid that the writers might make her nice, but that was put to rest with her actions in this episode. I also liked that Belldandy was the one desperate to find the right place to establish the romantic mood to give K1 his chocolate.
Overall, I really liked the episode despite a few weaknesses.

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