Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 3: Ah, Ascetic Exercises, My Home, and the Goddess

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:3: Ah, Ascetic Exercises, My Home, and the Goddess
After a sleepless night (despite counting several hundred sheep...) Keiichi and Belldandy are still without a new home. At least Belldandy's spell (or rather Keiichi's being good at heart) earns them a free breakfast [image1] (even though her method of changing clothes in public causes quite a stir). Still, looking for a new apartment for two at a cost of no more than 15000 yen a month turns our to be difficult [image2], until Belldandy takes one line of Keiichi more literally than the boy would have ever thought [image3].
After some rather rude welcome, the Buddhist monk agrees to a deal: Our couple may stay at the Tariki Hingan-ji if they work there, such as cleaning the floors and the Buddha statue, and repairing the broken roof [image4] - which makes Belldandy break a promise she gave Keiichi before. But what Koshian learns about Belldandy [image5] during these few hours will change his life forever [image6].
A nice shopping spree completes this episode - and this time it's Keiichi's turn to break his promise.
[2005-01-25, Devil Doll]:
Storywise this is mostly manga chapter 3 (from 200 chapters so far...), and it covers about the same development as the second half of OVA episode 1: Finally our couple has found their new home in the temple. But the way this story unfolds, with many slight differences between manga and anime, makes it an interesting ride even for those who know 29 manga books already. And those many details covered by this series don't let the narration speed actually appear slow.
This episode is basically slice of life, but I like it very much. The monk is cool... and having Holy Bell appear (and sing) so early in the series gives those who only knew the OVA an idea of what is going to happen in many episodes still to come.


[AstroNerdBoy -- 25 Jan 2005]
Devil Doll does the usual great job of saying what needs to be said, but since I love this series, I like throwing in my 2-cents.
An AMG BBS I check in on speculated that the oshou-san (priest) would NOT be in this anime. Boy were they wrong and I was glad of it. Further, having Holybell introduced now caused me to scream with delight! In the manga, she's not introduced for a very long time, then is retconned to have always been there. So I was seriously hoping the anime writers would fix this and they did. In doing so, they made the story with the oshou-san even more believable.
So to date, I'm very happy with what I'm seeing!

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