Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 22: Ah! A Demon's Whisper Is Within An Urn?

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:22: Ah! A Demon's Whisper Is Within An Urn?
Within some cave, guarded by demons, there lies a special treasure: The legendary Urn of Demon King Hakushon [image2]. Now that Marller managed to capture it, she can finally bring misfortune to the world by awakening the brown-skinned Lord Of Terror, and thus finish off the goddesses once and for all.
After having her license from heaven suspended for 50 years of earth's time, Urd is moping [image1]. She can't even punish Skuld for teasing her because using her power during a license suspension would lead to her license being revoked permanently. So she goes out for a walk.
But walking is boring. Megami might borrow Urd her bike - but she'd need a driver's license to use it. She could get such a license - but she needs money for that. A job at the apothecary might be perfect for her - but she'd need a pharmacists's license to work there... and while Urd becomes more and more frustrated, the urn demon starts to sway her: What if she used her other potential source of power?
Urd ends up working as a waitress [image3]. But things don't run smoothly there either, and finally she's no longer able to obey her power restriction: To hell with licenses! Well, "to hell" might actually be the solution for her... and before the very eyes of Belldandy and Keiichi, Urd turns into the Lord Of Terror!
Marller is jolly surprised when she finds out whom she summoned, and now learns that she'll be this Master's servant [image4]. Well, if that will dispose her of the goddesses, she's fine with it, at least for the time being... and what would be a better place to start the destruction of the world than Keiichi's temple?! [image5] [image6]
[2005-06-23, Devil Doll]
Finally, this show presents the wonderful mixture of light-hearted fun (with Skuld being the comic relief protagonist) and High Fantasy that made the manga so special: Now the "Lord Of Terror" story arc has begun. And this episode is one of this series' highlights.
As there's so much storyline this time (manga volume 5 chapters 34 and 35) I'll just list what's best: The angelic music is awesome. The cameos of Hijiri, the senpais, Sora and Mishima work perfectly. Making the urn more than a mere tool was a great idea. The animation significantly improved the battle scenes, and Banpei-kun shines in this episode (in the manga he didn't even exist at that time). The anime story focus on the license is much better than the manga chapter 34 story with the chase. Skuld might finally have become aware how far Keiichi will go for his beloved Belldandy. And this time we do get those detailed explanations about the background from the manga that were missing in so many other anime episodes.
The only element from the manga I'm missing badly is Urd's split character - she's a lot more indecisive in the manga, and that's much more like her. The conversation between Urd and Marller had been the highlight of chapter 35 but sadly didn't make it into this event-packed episode.
As for the translation by AnY-AonE, it is most unfortunate that they're using the term "seal" for two very different things.


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