Aa! Megami-sama! TV - 11: Ah! A Devil Comes and Bestows Misfortune?

Title:Aa! Megami-sama! TV
Episode:11: Ah! A Devil Comes and Bestows Misfortune?
In a nightmare, Keiichi is being hunted by a dark figure who tells him to bring misfortune in his life. And Belldandy has a vague sensation reminding her of her past...
Shopping for more lucky charms, the senpais are drawn to some mysterious "Demon" CD [image1] which they buy - and by playing it they release the demon Marller [image2], whose first action is to break into the Morisato house - and turn Keiichi into a motorbike! [image3]
Belldandy and Urd try their best to make this transformation undone [image4], but this turns out to be more difficult than expected [image5] as they don't know Marller's password... [image6]
[2005-03-22, Devil Doll]
We've made a jump forward within the manga - this one and the subsequent episodes are rewrites of volume 4 chapters 26-29, with certain additional goodies... Keiichi's "comments" on the events alone are worth watching this episode, and Belldandy turning red at the end of this episode is kind of cute. I like the scene with the kids as well.
Given the way Marller defeats Belldandy effortlessly I can now see why Belle was shown rather weak during the previous episodes - to make her character more consistent, and the presence of Urd absolutely necessary. All in all the continuation of this anime series works very well (such as the ending of this episode finally explaining how Marller and Sayoko met, or the foreshadowing scene with Belle's earring). I just wonder what happened to the Ultimate Force - is it gone for good now, without any explanation?
All in all this is another great combination of drama, action and funny scenes - I like it. My hopes for the manga being turned into a long series that works have come true, I guess. My favourite shot this time was the camera being pointed to the bike when Belldandy explained why she won't give in to Marller's demand, with certain senpai scenes hot on its tail.


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