Slayers Excellent - 3: Lina-chan's Great Fashion Strategy

Title:Slayers Excellent
Episode:3: Lina-chan's Great Fashion Strategy
Lina is approached by formal fashion designer Tachiana Deiward to help her in her battle with informal fashion designer Mati Rayford. Because she's acting so kooky, Lina rejects the offer.</p>

On the street, she comes upon Naga who's with Mati. Mati's new corrupting fashions are based on Naga's look, meaning Lina's vision of a world of people looking and acting like Naga is starting to come true. Thus she returns to Tachiana and accepts the job.

The two sides battle it out until there are no seemstress shops left in town. Thus, both sides activate fortress shops, which are actually large golems. The golems fight and Lina's side wins.

(AstroNerdBoy -- 14 Jan 2004)</p>

BOOORRRR-ING! Ugh. There were a couple of smiles, but this was the worst of the lot to me.

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