Orguss - 8: Runaway

Episode:8: Runaway
The Chiram Navy continues to pursue the Glomar as it nears the port of Lyon. Meanwhile, Kei tries to tell Mimsy about his feelings, but must again face her indecision and Slay's bitterness. As usual, the Chiram disrupt the personal turmoil with another senseless attack!
Volume 3 being unavailable, I had to skip two episodes and jump ahead to this one. The Glomar had attempted to pass through the Straits of Gibraltar but was forced to turn back by strong Chiram defences (the Glomar can fly, so why is it trying to follow the routes used by ships?). Instead, it detoured into the Bay of Biscay to Lyon. I may have recognized the voice of Steve Blum, who I think played Spike Spiegel in Cowboy Bebop, in the person of a Chiram soldier known as "Henry"(?). I noticed a clip of a Chiram pilot screaming as his ship explodes being played three times during the battle in this episode.

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