Kiddy Grade - 5: Day Off

Title:Kiddy Grade
Episode:5: Day Off
Eclair and Lumiere have a rare day off from work. After sleeping late, Eclair is invited out to dinner by her friend Ricki--but, as luck would have it, the club they go to is also the scene of a meeting between shady characters. Lumiere plans to use her free time to attend the opera, but gets waylaid by a crying child. Little does she know that she has in fact stumbled across a scheme to use "timed hypnotic suggestions" to exploit children...
I think this one ended too suddenly after an intriguing build-up to the climax; still, the series as a whole may be getting better. I was surprised that Eclair was mistaken for a minor--Lumiere definitely looks like one, but not her. A curious comment Eclair made was "When I put lipstick on, it becomes difficult to control my power".

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