Onegai Teacher - 1: Oshiete Teacher

Title:Onegai Teacher
Episode:1: Oshiete Teacher
(Teach Me, Teacher)

Kei is a boy who in all appearances is 15. He's by the shores of the local lake in his rural Japanese community when he sees a spaceship land in the water and a beautiful woman beam herself ashore. The next day, this same woman is now his homeroom teacher at high school! Not only that, but she's moved in next door to his guardian aunt and uncle's house. Fearing her secret will be blown by Kei, Mizuho (the teacher) attempts to seduce him. He ends up passing out and she takes him to her ship where we discover he has some weird disease where he "withdraws"...sometimes for extremely long periods of time. Again Mizuho attempts to seduce Kei in order to buy his silence but he flees causing all sorts of problems including knocking the ship's tiny controler Marie for a loop. Marie beams the pair to Kei's aunt and uncle's bath where they are immediately discovered in a compromising position!
(AstroNerdBoy -- 03/08/2003)

Everything about this episode forces the viewer to stretch believability beyond the max. However, there's plenty of humor to get you through.

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