Ai Yori Aoshi - 15: Heartbreak

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi
Episode:15: Heartbreak
Kaoru asks Aoi to go shopping with her the next day, and she is so happily singing in the kitchen that even Taeko asks what has happened. When Aoi wonders what to wear for that event she discovers an old kimono [image1] she had inherited from her grandmother [image2].
The next day Kaoru praises how well the kimono suits Aoi - which makes the girl cry. Aoi tells Kaoru how she loved her late grandmother who told her that the feelings of a person wearing a kimono become part of the kimono itself, and that she should wear it walking with her companion...
After shopping Aoi and Kaoru visit the railway station where they first met - and they find another helpless girl whom they help to find the way. They talk about what happened back then; Kaoru even makes a little fun of Aoi [image3].
Kaoru wants to visit his old apartment which is unoccupied now [image4] and brings up more memories. Aoi tells Kaoru about one nightmare she has over and over again where she feels unable to reach her fiancée... Kaoru holds her in his arms [image5] and tells her how she saved him from his lonely life and how much she means to him now.
Suddenly the owner of this place enters together with a couple of potential tenants. Aoi and Kaoru hide quickly [image6] and are touched to hear how this couple wants to live together more than anything else - just like they did themselves in their first days together.
(2004-03-02, Devil Doll:)
Wafuku have been a part of the story (and the bond between Aoi and Kaoru) from the beginning, so it seems natural to have an episode based on this topic.
This whole episode is basically a declaration of love from both sides, very touching, full of memories, and showing a lot about what Aoi and Kaoru think and feel. For the first time Kaoru tells Aoi that he loves her - what she has longed for so desperately: "I'm a worrier", Aoi says, and she knows that oh so well. So despite there is not much 'happening' (and a number of scenes from episode 1-4 are reused) we have a lot of dialogues and a healthy dose of story development.
This episode has a different ending song, just like the corresponding episode 9 of Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~.

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