Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~ - 9: Pure White (Shirotae)

Title:Ai Yori Aoshi ~Enishi~
Episode:9: Pure White (Shirotae)
Professor Itsuki is thankful for Kaoru's work in his institute and makes a present of two tickets for a sea trip to Yokohama: "Think about your future - you should go there with your girlfriend." As the other girls all happen to be absent and Aoi is bored anyway, this opportunity comes just in time - so here we go! No "harem scenario" today... the main storyline is back at last.
(2003-12-18, Devil Doll)
This was a big step forward for the storyline. We see a complete episode of Kaoru and Aoi having fun together, but what's more: We hear them talking about their future. And there is a lot to talk about...
For me, this is the best and most focussed Enishi episode so far, of the same style as the beginning and the end of the original series.
This episode has a different, calmer ending music (named "presence") which might also be an indication for a different episode style.

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(AstroNerdBoy Comments -- 30 December 2003)
This is the best episode of the series to this point. It was nice to see Kaoru and Aoi get to go out on a date alone and spend an entire day together. Also, I liked seeing Kaoru step up to the plate when he talked to Miyabi-san on the phone. And finally, this was a very romantic episode without going ecchi. I for one was moved by it.

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