Kanon - 9: Beyond That Smile

Episode:9: Beyond That Smile
One question makes Yuuichi finally wonder what Shiori's problem really might be. And both Kaori [image2] and Shiori break their silence soon after.
Wondering what he can do until that little girl's birthday, Yuuichi receives valuable help from Nayuki. And while he is spending premium time with Shiori [image3], his cousin is working on the same issue - just on another front [image4].
(Devil Doll, 2004-01-21 - contains spoilers, though I try to not be too explicit):
This episode is even tougher than the previous one; it is much easier to fight if you think you have a chance to win.
It took Yuuichi quite some time to take care of Mai's issue, and he needed a lot of help from her best friend. Now the boy can face his next challenge which isn't a small one either, but there is another best friend who will support him. This episode proves what a good character Nayuki is, encouraging Yuuichi to spend as much time as possible with another girl. And the ending [image5] is more open this time because it is difficult to say what the Misaka sisters' most important problem really is [image6].
Of the other girls, only Makoto [image1] has her appearances, the few funny spots in this depressing episode. But that closing scene might be another gloomy foreshadowing.

Yuuichi's line of the day: "Miracles are called miracles because there's a small chance of them happening."
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