Kanon - 5: The Fox And The Grapes

Episode:5: The Fox And The Grapes
Previous night's events left their traces in the schoolyard, and Mai silently bears the consequences [image1]. But neither Sayuri nor Yuuichi will listen to the student council's advice to stay away from such a troublemaker.
Nayuki invites Yuuichi to an Indian curry, and she'll be waiting for her cousin at the school gate. But then Shiori visits the school again [image2], thankful of course for being rescued the day before.
Motoko tries to find out about Yuuichi's nightly trips, but she had better thought twice about that [image3].
Sunday is shopping day for Yuuichi and his fellow-lodgers - and Makoto turns out to be less adult than she thought. Their little war is going on throughout the day [image4].
And on the next morning we have a surprise guest at the breakfast table... [image5]
(Devil Doll, 2004-01-18 - contains spoilers, though I try to not be too explicit):
Did I already mention Nayuki's lack of success when trying to spend time with Yuuichi? The boy is stuck in his various activities day and night now, and that's not going to change soon. But at least the cat has released another one of his buried memories, and there are more to come as Nayuki tells him. Nayuki's role seems limited to defending the other girls against Yuuichi's mockery right now.
On the other hand, Shiori is the girl to whom Yuuichi can always talk about everything. Maybe that's just because they are so different: While Yuuichi is surrounded by problems and hates the cold he sees Shiori as a romantic dreamer who loves ice cream even in winter.
While Mai is a permanent issue now, Ayu had nearly been forgotten about - yet this "Kanon" of narration style makes her reappear just when noone expected her to. And like Makoto, Ayu has support by both Minase ladies right from the start.
Makoto had nearly been reduced to a mascot, but this episode's ending made her a character again, and even the subject of the cliffhanger [image6].
Akiko's patience with the course of events is amazing. She has to earn a living for herself and her daughter, and still enjoys the new inhabitants of her home with all their problems and activities. Akiko must be considered one silent heroine of this story.

Yuuichi's line of the day: "Ice cream... you mean frozen ice?"
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