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Episode:4: To The Night
Yuuichi is rather confused about the events of the night [image1], so Makoto's joke [image2] isn't that funny for him.
Back at school he is told to stay away from this Kawasumi Mai whom he tried to contact, for reasons he would understand soon enough. But the events [image3] make this difficult to say the least; yet this way Yuuichi earns a dinner invitation by Kurata Sayuri [image4] who considers him a friend already.
Later, Yuuichi accompanies Ayu on her search [image5] and learns that "girls cannot be cheerful with an empty stomach". Which makes him get an idea how to check about what really happened last night...
(Devil Doll, 2004-01-18 - contains spoilers, though I try to not be too explicit):
One running gag of this series is that a stomach rumble can definitely be heard by all persons present, so you can't lie about not being hungry.
In episode 2 Yuuichi was afraid that Nayuki's telling everyone about him at class would prevent him from finding a new girl friend here. Consequently, Nayuki now turns out to be the only one of Yuuichi's five important girls who is his classmate: one is a senior, one is a junior, two are outsiders (who don't seem to attend any school - we'll learn more about this later).
Having appeared on the stage at last, Mai has quickly become the story's focus. Her problems are the most obvious ones, and given the events of this day [image6] Yuuichi is already in a similar position anyway - so he makes her his priority task. And both Nayuki and Makoto become aware of Yuuichi's strange behaviour - we'll see what they're going to make of that.
At school we see Yuuichi bravely protect Shiori. He may be insensitive at times, but he's definitely a nice guy, not afraid of many things as we can see when he involves himself into Mai's and Shiori's matters. Kaori is about to talk to him now, but this isn't the right time yet.
Having watched the whole series three times I think I understand now why the cake store isn't where Ayu remembers it. And Ayu's & Yuuichi's joke about Tokugawa's buried treasure is something we'll have to revisit towards the end of this series.
As for the other girls, Yuuichi considers Makoto just a nuisance and doesn't even take notice of Nayuki (who was bravely at his side on the schoolyard!).

Yuuichi's line of the day: "Is your beef bowl more important than me?"
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