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Episode:2: A Sunny City
Nayuki isn't a morning person, that's for sure now [image1]. Today is Yuuichi's first visit at his new school [image2]; Nayuki seems to have told everyone about him already, and her friend Kaori recognizes how well these cousins get along.
Yuuichi's second meeting with Ayu [image3] isn't less painful than the previous one. This time Yuichi recognizes the red hairclip of Ayu who only tells him that someone important gave it to her. But when Ayu tackles Yuuichi again, a passer-by is buried under the snow... [image4]
(Devil Doll, 2004-01-17 - contains spoilers, though I try to not be too explicit):
Being her "accomplice forever", Yuuichi has quickly bonded with Ayu already. She tells him that he has kept his promise, and Yuuichi's first dream now turns out to be a memory. But there are more to come.
Then girl number three, Misaka Shiori, appears on the stage; and again, this was a very telling scene if you only knew where to look at. Later, when she arrives at school [image5], she instantly makes Yuuichi care for her; and she has "a great memory", exactly what Yuuichi has not. Both Nayuki and Kaori wonder what's going on here, just for slightly different reasons... and Kaori's behaviour makes Yuuichi wonder as well.
Nayuki fails to share her text book with Yuuichi as Kitagawa intervenes (not free from selfish intention, actually).
And finally our hero experiences being "monitored" in a rather unique way... [image6]

Yuiichi's line of the day: "What are you talking about? I am me."
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