Kanon - 10: The Winter Firework

Episode:10: The Winter Firework
Makoto picks up Yuuichi and Nayuki from school and talks the boy into buying her a cute little bell as a toy.
At dinner, Makoto has problems to handle her chopsticks properly, and collapses soon after [image1].
When Akiko calls for a doctor, Makoto has suddenly disappeared - and that new bell [image6] turns out to be helpful in this case. But when Yuuichi is about to bring her back some unknown girl asks him not to get involved any further or else he will have to suffer incredibly... who is this Amano Mishio [image2], and what is it that she alone knows about Makoto? [image5]
(Devil Doll, 2004-01-22 - contains spoilers, though I try to not be too explicit):
Be warned, this isn't going to be that funny [image4] either, but more like a duplicate of the previous episode - no wonder they were aired on the same day as a 60 minutes special. Looks like we have to drown every girl's issue in a pool of tears.
Once again Yuuichi has to carry a heavy load on his back. We learn why Makoto indeed had a grudge on Yuuichi, and the boy has to struggle until he is able to accept the truth [image3].
Note how once again Nayuki selflessly supports Makoto whereever she can. She is earning tons of brownie points, but will she eventually be able to buy anything from these? Three episodes to go, and only two girls left...

Yuuichi's line of the day: "Amano, talking like an old lady as always."
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