Musekinin Kanchou Tylor - 18: A Place for Confessions

Title:Musekinin Kanchou Tylor
Episode:18: A Place for Confessions
With the loyal UPSF forces in hot pursuit, the Soyokaze is running for all it's worth... unfortunately, that's not quite enough. With the UPSF fleet behind them and the Raalgon fleet ahead of them, they're in for a hot time. Tylor, of course, is enjoying the Raalgon hospitality... but why does he feel so lousy?
Tylor's luck seems to have rubbed off on the Soyokaze and it's crew, as they make decisions by asking themselves "what would Captain Tylor do in a situation like this?". Still, a long streak of impossibly good luck (while fighting desperately all the way) is harder to believe than one amazing break.

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