Ranma ½ - 9: True Confessions! A Girls Hair is Her Life

Title:Ranma ½
Episode:9: True Confessions! A Girls Hair is Her Life
Ryoga and Ranma apologize to Akane for what happened to her hair. Kasumi tries to even out Akane's hair. Ryoga tries to help an old lady, but ends up taking her across Japan. Dr. Tofu tells Akane her likes her hair better now, and Akane gets over her crush on him. A few nights later Ryoga makes his way back to the Tendos' home where it is revealed that he followed Ranma to Jusenkyo and was cursed himself. Akane finds Ryoga transformed into a pig in her room, and adopts him and gives him the name P-chan (Akane doesn't realize that P-chan and Ryoga are the same person).

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