Ranma ½ - 2: School is No Place for Horsing Around

Title:Ranma ½
Episode:2: School is No Place for Horsing Around
Genma informs Ranma that he'll be attending school with Akane and Nabiki at Furinkan High. Ranma and Akane argue on their way to school where Ranma is accidently splashed. Akane and Ranma sto by Dr. Tofu's clinic for some hot water. Ranma realizes Akane likes Dr. Tofu. When they arrive at school, Akane has to fight her way through all the boys trying to ask her out (one of Akane's most impressive fight scenes) Tatewaki Kuno and Ranma begin their rivalry and Akane explains that Kuno is the one that told the students whomever could defeat her in combat could date her.

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